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WELCOME on the personal website Probably you now at now that Elvis & Shawn Giroux are performing together in Shango every first Saturday of the months, so for the month of Jaunary 2017 this is the 7th of January that 420 Monthly Farmer Market will occur and protestation will be there. Again organized by world Cannabis ian they are ready for this new year and they willl be on site for the protestation, same time 10am, same place 750 Hornby Street, Vancouver Arr Gallery. This is for the 420 you want to follow again more Elvis, you can see him performing at the Rusty Gull Pub in North-Vancouver, 2 minutes walk from the seabus terminal, the show start at 8pm and finish around mdnigth. Billy Lane host the open mic there and Elvis Nelson is the co-host. And to finish folks sincerely, the team of Elvis Nelson Music wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS & A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HO HO HO!!! LOT OF JOYCE, LOT OF FUN!!!
Mr. Elvis Nelson Mailing Address: 344 Pembina St. New Wesminster, B.C., Canada, V3M 5J6 Telephone: (604) 761-6703 Email:

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